Big Data Analytics

XiNOS Case Studies

XiNOS teams with Affirmed Networks®, providing analytics solution for NB-IOT applications to Telecom Technology Center (TTC).

  • Affirmed’s Functions Virtualisation (NFV) mobile core capabilities include network slicing, integrated virtual probes (vProbe), optimised IoT access, and virtualised DPI (vDPI).
  • The NFV mobile core enables operators to economically scale networks, to deliver differentiated services tailored to specific use cases more quickly, and to improve the overall customer experience.
  • XiNOS collects the EDR/EMS data, and performs data warehousing.
  • In addition to indicating KPIs, XiNOS creates user-friendly visualised dashboards to show insights at-a-glance, facilitating decision making and action taking.

Nokia/Ericsson OSS teams choose XiNOS for improving quality assurance and operation efficiency.

  • XiNOS collects operations support system (OSS) data and monitors KPIs of the mobile network.
  • More than just showing KPIs, XiNOS uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect network anomalies, providing valuable insights for the operation teams.
  • The operation teams take prompt actions based on those insights, solving network problem when required.
  • Moreover, those insights enable the operation teams to better plan investment in infrastructure, optimising the network performance in a cost-effective manner.

Example Insights


What about cell-level KPI anomalies?

Monitoring 100,000 cells, each of which comes with 100 KPIs. It’s almost impossible to monitor cell-level KPI anomalies manually with traditional BI dashboards.


Only the Best

By Machine Learning algorithm, XiNOS automatically detects abnormal KPIs and their correlations, providing actionable insights for your mobile network.


Outstanding Quality

Empowered by geographic information system, XiNOS helps you be on the top of your mobile network at one glance, and analyze the data-set on map with a single-click.