Achieve Seamless Wireless Communication

For places that are difficult for installation and with mobile signal dead spots…




Residences, Schools, Retail Centers and More

A Quick Overview...

Wave-In’s sDAS are perfect for challenging installation environments, such as high-rises, factories, elevators and basements. We have deployed in over 100+ private residences, shopping centers, office buildings as well as public transport in Taiwan.

Key Results

  • Good and stable signal.
  • Installation time decrease by 50% compared to traditional solution.
  • Fast construction, one elevator one hour, causing less disruption for the building.
  • No interference when using fiber with RAU.
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Jakarta International Stadium

A Quick Overview...

JIS deploys Wave-In sDAS, but due to the pandemic, Taiwanese Engineers weren’t able to assist with on-site installation and coverage testing, to solve this problem and improve efficiency, Wave-In utilized Mixed Reality for collaboration and remote assistance.

Key Results

  • Solution: sDAS 1800 & 2100 MHz

  • Capacity: 82,000

  • Size: 205,000 sq. meters

  • Achieve seamless 3G/4G communication within different levels of the stadium.
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