sDAS Deployments

Wave-In’s sDAS are perfect for challenging installation environments, such as high-rises, factories, elevators and basements.
Below are just a few of our deployment sites…

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Suitable for various environments

Elevator Coverage Solution

Wave-In have deployed our sDAS in various environments, such as schools, private communities, and shopping centers. One of the most frequently used deployments are in elevators, where traditional elevator coverage solutions lack stable signals and long construction hours.

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Deployment Benefits

Traditional elevator coverage solution consists of Yagi antenna and RF repeater, while Wave-In's sDAS solution have a fixed signal emission source (RAU) mounted on top of the elevator receiving signal from HEU.

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Signal Stabability

Traditionally, we need to add more antenna to extend coverage, however, signal still degrade gradually as we move down floors. For sDAS, we connect RAU with traveling optical fiber cable, which moves with the elevator creating uniform signal distribution and stable signals.

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Construction Time

For a typical elevator, the traditional solution would take at least half a day to cover one elevator and the higher the elevator is the construction time would get longer. For sDAS, construction is more simple and the installation can be completed in one hour.

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Signal Interference

Traditional elevator solutions’ boosters can cause signal interference and signal attenuation problems. Wave-In’s sDAS solution, on the other hand, uses fiber cables, which are immune to frequency interference, therefore can provide good signal strength without attenuation.

3 major sdas deployments


Department stores


Operating Room
Factory cleanroom



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