sDAS Case Studies

Fiber connection enables sDAS to fit into challenging installation environments,

such as high-rises, large buildings, facilities difficult for installations (ie. factories),

elevators and underground parking lots.

sDAS Specialities

Source independent technology, with 4 frequency bands in a box, meant that CWDM is designed for channel isolation and is independent in the optical signal. Single button calibration enables simple installations for field engineers. Single-band multi-operator support for co-construction with 3GPP supported defined bandwidths. As long as customers combine multi-operator signals into sDAS HEU, the system will relay in-band signal together to RAU for coverage.

Elevator Coverage Solution

Traditional elevator coverage’s construction method is with high power repeater and directional antenna or Leaky Coaxial cable. This method have longer construction time, higher cost, and have unstable signals as the elevator moves down floor. Wave-In sDAS accompanying optical cable solution have fixed signal emission source (RAU) placed on the platform above the elevator carriage with optical fiber cable, which moves with the elevator. This meant fast construction, while maintaining high-quality and stable signal coverage, with no signal attenuation problems.

Case Study

Business Building next to Taoyuan HSR Station

Wave-In sDAS designed 1 x HEU + 5 x RAU (Built-in Omni antenna), with traveling optical cable layout, to provide customers with mobile phone reception within elevators. A schematic diagram is shown here. The RAU is fixed on the top of the elevator, and the HEU built-in antenna is connected with the accompanying optical cable, so that the mobile communication signal is stable when the elevator moves up and down without any weak signals.

Deployment References