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Build Real-time Video Surveillance and Smart Applications with P5G and sDAS, Improving Security and Automation Capabilities.

A Quick Overview...

Wave-In partnered with Tatung System Tech. and Pegatron to provide smart real-time CCTV monitoring for Taipei MRT control center, elevating its digital resilience with faster uplink, AI image recognition for safety monitors, and big data capabilities.  

Key Results

  • Wave-In sDAS solving mobile signal problems in the MRT tunnels. Provide higher uplink with faster upload and image processing capabilities to support high-definition cameras within carriages.
  • Tatung AIoT can monitor passenger traffic and congestion in real-time with AI image detection to mitigate crowding levels with 90% accuracy. AI imaging is also beneficial during the pandemic for mask detections.
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Leverage P5G and Satellite Communication to Enhance Digital Resiliency in Severe Disasters.

A Quick Overview...

Wave-In partnered with Pegatron and Microsoft to establish 5G private network and satellite integration for the Hsinchu City Fire Department, significantly increasing digital resilience for firefighter safety and emergency communication.

Key Results

  • By leveraging 5G with an emergency power system (standby generator), orbiting satellite communication (MEO/LEO), and a digitally resilient modular data center, we can connect data from a fire scene to a command center.
  • Provide real-time video streaming and voice communication to improve disaster mitigation by strengthening response and recovery efforts.
  • Connecting First Responders and the National Interagency Fire Center with Azure Orbital Cloud Access.


Deploy the World’s 1st Virtualized P5G for Smart Factories, Designed to Boost Productivity and Efficiency.

A Quick Overview...

With 5G private network system integration provided by Wave-In Communication, Inventec is transforming its Taoyuan Factory into a 5G smart factory, creating highly intelligent and automated production lines with AI and IoT capabilities.

Key Results

  • 5G + AI-enabled new AOI process, using 3D and AI inference to decrease false-positives, increasing the first pass yield from 75% to 85% and saving 50% of manual labor.
  • NFV architecture beneficial for digital transformation, bring added value to services and data with the integration of CT, IT, and OT.
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