5G Private Network Deployments

Wave-In provide enterprise network upgrade for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and more.
Below are just a few of our clients…

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First 5G SA Private network in Taiwan

Inventec 5G Smart Factory

With 5G system integration provided by Wave-In, we’ve combine world-class software ecosystem experts to help Inventec transform its Taoyuan plant into a 5G enabled smart factory, creating highly intelligent and automated production lines with AI and IoT capabilities.

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Deployment Benefits

The smart factory include 5G applications with AI, AOI and AGVs, which helped reduce false positives in AOI inspections, improve first-pass yield, fool-proofing and AGV operations. 


Automated Optical Inspection

Integration with artificial intelligence to reduce false positive rates of RLC components, increase pass-through rate to 90% and throughput yield of SMT from 75% to 85%. Facilitate monitoring and reduce human labor dependency.

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Augumented Reality

Reduce time required for inspection, enable higher flexibility and remote control in the assembly line, by utilizing AR for fool-proofing, such as: parts reversal, wrong assembly sequence, missing parts, etc.


Automated Guided Vehicle

AGVs that are used for material delivery, can now be able to effectively utilize by the 5G private network. 5G’s stabilized throughput can help increase AGV efficiency by improving Wi-Fi’s limitations such as latency in large-scale movement.

3 Major 5G deployments


Enhanced mobile

Capacity Enhancement, Services with high requirements for bandwidth, such as AR and VR


Ultra reliable low latency communication

Instant Actions, Latency-sensitive services, such as AGVs and remote management.


massive machine type communication

Massive Connectivity, services with high requirements for connection density, such as IoT and smart cities

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Learn More on How You Can Deploy 5G Private Network at Your Business.

In old regulations, the use of 5G spectrum requires negotiation with operators, borrowing the operator’s spectrum, and using their network to provide services. New regulations such as Local 5G in Germany and Japan or CBRS in the United States are spectrum policies to solve the problem; Currently, for Taiwan, the Executive Yuan announced on December 6th, 2019 that 4.8~4.9GHz will be the 2021 corporate private network spectrum. If needed, Wave-In can step in and help you to apply for the NCC license.

Cross-domain software system integrator, like Wave-In Communication, are needed because traditional enterprise IT or OT teams cannot effectively integrate CT and provide E2E solutions in response to changes in trends. With our extensive deployment experience, Wave-In will guide you from 5G private network setup, performance testing to real-life deployment.

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