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From 5G network infrastructures to smart applications to transformative deployments, Wave-In helps our clients to embrace digital transformation and achieve data monetization.


從 5G 網路基礎設施到智慧應用,再到轉型部署,我們協助客戶擁抱數位轉型,實現資料變現。

Taipei Metro 5G & AI for Real-Time Monitoring and Smart Transportation

Hsinchu City 5G & Satellite Communication for Emergency Services

Inventec 5G & AOI Smart Manufacturing for Industrial Upgrade

sDAS Indoor Coverage Enhancement in Elevators, Underground & Parking Lots

XiNOS Big Data Platform Utilized by Mobile Operators and Data Centers in Taiwan

NB-IoT Smart LPG Meter Solution, Driving Operation Efficiency & Gas Safety Innovations

IoT Box in Taipower for Fault Current Indicator (FCI) Management & Monitoring

AIoT & Mixed Reality for Factory Digitization: Synpower and Chipboard Tech

Fiber sDAS & Mixed Reality for Virtual Guidance and Remote Assistance

Customized XR Digital Content for Multi-Person Collaboration and Instruction