In-Building Coverage


In-Building Coverage
in the 5G Era

sDAS+ series is a fiber Distribution Antenna System. The sDAS+ offers the industry leading and most innovative technology to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor/outdoor environment from small to large scale. Indoor /outdoor coverage network now becomes a manageable services.

“Optimal” 5G will employ a mix of low, medium, and high frequency bands, but those high frequency bands (e.g., C-band & millimeter wave) will be difficult for DAS – passive DAS in particular (which uses components without active electronics).

In 5G network, fast deployment and visual O&M are regarded as basic requirements. Visualised O&M allows for real-time monitoring for the status of the massive number of head ends and other network elements, giving the ability to layer services on top of 5G networks.

MIMO support, migrating to 5G will require higher antenna arrays – e.g., 4T4R – which could be difficult or prohibitively expensive for DAS before. And without higher orders of MIMO, beamforming – a fixture of 5G discussions – isn’t possible.

Including: ultra low weight, the most compact size with the smallest footprint in the industry, simple installation, Web GUI and SNMP remote monitoring as well as multi-bands with multi-carriers.


Wave-In’s Slim Active Distributed Antenna System


Flexible to select four desired combination of operators and frequency bands (700/900/1800/2100/2600 and upcoming 3500 MHz). S-DAS II supports 3G/4G/5G.


Supports various types of input signals from base transceiver station (BTS), macro and small cell, and repeater.


Single fiber MIMO support on both FDD and TDD model and reduced cost for maximal performance.


Hybrid topologies offers the most flexibility for installation under all circumstances.


Rapid deployment with confidence in the field with the use of our auto calibration tool.


Optical fiber is the best transport media for 5G networks.


A SDAS system includes the HEU and RAU.

Head End Unit (HEU)

HEU is connected with BTS RF head and transport signal to RAUs via single fiber. The HEU can take RF signal from any source like Macro/Pico/Small Cell/Repeater and distribute the signal to RAUs in different locations via the single mode fiber.

Remote Antenna Unit (RAU)

RAU is the remote antenna unit that extends the RF signal through fiber. RAU installation can be hidden, mounted on walls or ceilings with build-in or external antenna options. Each HEU can convert and distribute the RF signal to max. eight RAUs to 3 miles distance.