Innovative LPG Solutions

NB-IoT Solutions & Smart Applications

Wave-In Communication’s NB-IoT solution aims to make the world more connected with improved safety, increased efficiency, and better user experiences. Specifically, our expertise lies in utilising IoT Cloud Management Platform to improve LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) operational and safety measures. Furthermore, our IoT solution can be further deployed with integration of our S-DAS, NFV and Big Data Analytics platforms for more smart applications.

Cloud Management Platform

The LPG distributors and the filling factories can easily and more objectively grasp customer’s gas usages, and conduct analyses from the reports.

Customer’s APP (Android/iOS)

Once the gas leak detector and the shut-off valve are linked, a notification is issued immediately to inform the user, and the gas distributor. Integration with public platform of the fire department is also possible.

LPG Couriers APP Android)

Mobile APP and web interface for couriers, can enable faster delivery time and can help couriers to forecast customer’s needs in the future.