NB-IoT Smart LPG Solution

Safety & Operational Innovation

Wave-In utilized IoT cloud management to improve Liquefied Petroleum Gas distributor operations and safety measures.

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End to End IoT Solution

Wave-In partnered with industry players to develop a set of—empowered by NB-IoT technology—intelligent LPG IoT solution. This solution not only improved safety, increased operational efficiency, but also enhanced the overall user experience.

Key Features

Cloud ERP System

The system will consolidate the IoT information from various sensors, as well as historical user behaviors on one page for distributors to easily access. The system will significantly increase management efficiency.

LPG Distributor & Customer APP

LPG distributors can objectively grasp customer's gas usages, and conduct analyses from historical reports. The system will automatically send a notification to the user and distributor in emergency situation.

Automatic Notification System

The system will measure the residual gas by the hydraulic pressure monitor. Customers and distributors can now deduct money accordingly, resolving concerns of fairness when determining residual gas price.

Scheduled Delivery

Distributors now can proactively deliver in batches. Mobile APP and web interface for couriers, can enable faster delivery time and can help distributors to forecast customer's needs and deliver proactively in the future.

Gas Cylinder Management

Distributor can scan the barcode on the gas cylinder and upload to the cloud management system. The system can also track down expired gas cylinders and notify the distributors when this occurs.

Safety Reporting System

Sensors including gas detector, solenoid valve, pressure switch and UVIR Flame Detector. Receive instant detection and notification of gas leak, pipeline fall-off and increased gas pressure from external influences.

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Wave-In’s NB-IoT LPG solution is deployed in gas provider’s headquarters, restaurants, and communities across Taiwan. This solution can be integrated with our other solutions, such as big data analytics platforms for other smart applications.