System Integration

5G Private Enterprise Network

Why Deploy 5G Private Network?

Why Us?

At Wave-In Communication, we provide end-to-end solution for enterprises to seamlessly scale up to 5G networks. We are continuously developing our domain know-how of vertical fields, aspiring to bring in many other tangible benefits for the manufacturing industry, healthcare, port operations, agri-tech and more, showcasing to our clients that the 5G network is more than just a consumer-focused mobile broadband. Ever since our company’s establishment, we have seen a tremendous growth and potential for 5G operators within the enterprise sphere, which enabled Wave-In to get a head start compared to others in the industry in Taiwan. As an experienced system integrator, Wave-In brings 5G deployment with increased connectivity, higher security, lower latency at a lower cost for our clients. Compared to communications service providers, we offer higher flexibility and utilize our insights to the industry’s needs and challenges to create customized 5G private network deployments for our clients.