Real-Time Big Data Analysis

Wave-In XiNOS, a multi-network blended data warehouse, create a real-time network management and AI analysis platform for our clients, substantially increasing operator’s management efficiency.

Big Data Analytics

Wave-In XiNOS

XiNOS, a big data analysis platform based on MPP (Massively Parallel Processing), is deployed by several telecommunication network operators in Taiwan and is a proven carrier-grade tool for operation optimization, network management, and advanced big data analysis.

Real-Time Actionable Insights At Your Fingertips

XiNOS is developed with streaming, geolocation and mixed data sources to create a real-time network management and AI analysis platform. From multiple sources of your mobile network, XiNOS fuses the data into meaningful insights to support your business and operational decisions.

Easy access to business metrics.

  • Enabling real-time streaming data analytics: real-time data ingestion, KPI dashboarding, KPI anomaly detection, action powered by AI/ML.

  • High speed data I/O and blending.

  • Scalability; data warehousing to analyze historical data.

Orchestrate streaming system based on meta data repository for data abstraction. Orchestration console includes next-generation streaming processing and open-source database like Greenplum, Kafka and more.

Increasing operation and management efficiency with data visualization and customized dashboards. User Management Dashboard integrated with existing Business Intelligent Tools.

Creating recommendations of actionable insights from automatic KPI anomaly detection, correlation analysis & root cause identification, and DL inference analytics. Identify local and global anomalies and explore new opportunities to optimize network performance.

XiNOS Key Features

Customized Performance Overview

Simply "drag & drop" to create your own monitoring panel and reports - including KPIs and charts - to manage day-to-day network operations.

Aggregation & Drill Down Analysis

Time aggression/object level queries with selected KPIs. Top N highlight and drill down analyses from Table grids, charts and GIS map.

GIS Visualization & Analysis

Visualization analyses of KPIs, parameters, cell neighbor relations, traffic distribution and coverage on map.

Aggregation & Drill Down Analysis

AI algorithm adopted to save your time on troubleshooting and improving network performance.

Grow Your Business Through Data Monetization

Wave-In’s XiNOS is a proven solution that is deployed in multiple sites for mobile operators and organizations running private networks. Multiple business entities can subscribe the streaming data orchestrated by XiNOS for various business application.