High-Quality, Always-On Connectivity

Our DAS can support both private 5G networks and public networks. With our fiber sDAS, Wave-In effectively reduce mobile signal dead spots caused by insufficient base station coverage, buildings or electromagnetic signal interference. 



Supporting 5G Networks 支援 5G 網絡

Wave-In sDAS

Our Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can be utilized for applications in the current 5G network deployment. It supports both private and public networks, helping the system to establish connections with minimal power loss, providing you with high-speed, secure, real-time, and low-latency network services.

Indoor Coverage 室內覆蓋

Wave-In sDAS

Our inhouse designed Fiber-based Slim Distributed Antenna System (sDAS), can help extend RF signal coverage into any indoor environment, including basement, elevator, parking lot, and high-rise building, providing indoor 3G/4G/5G coverage services.

An In-Building Coverage Solution Suitable for Any Gth


Wave-In provides a fiber based active DAS solution for indoor signal coverage, solving the inefficiencies of passive DAS. Under 3GPP 5G NR standards, 5G use high frequencies (3.4-3.7GHz; 24-28 GHz), presenting challenges for in-building coverage due to its low indoor signal penetration rate. 

我們提供以光纖為基底的主動分散式天線系統(DAS),來進行室內訊號覆蓋的解決方案,解決了被動 DAS 的效率不足。根據 3GPP 5G NR 標準,由於 5G 高頻率(3.4-3.7GHz;24-28 GHz)的緣故,因此室內的訊號穿透率較低,對於室內覆蓋是個挑戰。

Wave-In utilize optical fibers, which can support any frequency including 3.5GHz, 25GHz transmission, and reach a distance of more than 5km. Fiber also don’t have any frequency loss, meaning the antenna can maintain a specific amount of transmission.

我們採用光纖技術,能支援包括 3.5 GHz、25 GHz 在內的所有頻率傳輸,且可達超過 5 公里的傳輸距離。光纖幾乎不會有頻率耗損的問題,也代表天線能保持特定的傳輸量能。

Traditional passive DAS cannot meet 5G’s large bandwidth requirement, which require higher antenna arrays e.g. 4T4R and is expensive. With fiber transmission and MIMO (Multiple Input & Multiple Output) beamforming, we can now support 5G indoor coverage.

傳統的被動式分散式天線系統(DAS)無法滿足 5G 所需的大頻寬,這需要更高的天線陣列,例如 4T4R,而且成本高昂。透過光纖傳輸和 MIMO(多重輸入多重輸出)波束成形技術,我們現在能夠支援 5G 室內覆蓋。

Traditional DAS doesn’t support remote monitoring, while our solution have Web GUI web page management interface and can support NB-IOT, making real-time equipment status monitoring painless and easy.

傳統的分散式天線系統(DAS)不支援遠端監控,而我們的解決方案具有 Web GUI 網頁管理界面,並且可以支援窄頻物聯網(NB-IOT),使得實時設備狀態監控變得輕鬆且便利。

Passive DAS requires coaxial cables and splitters to be fixed, and its EIRP is small, requiring more antennas for coverage, leading longer deployment times. While Wave-In’s Fiber is small in size and convenient for cabling, and the RAU’s strong signal can cover large distance, deployment time vastly shortened by 2/3.

被動式分散式天線系統(Passive DAS)需要固定同軸電纜和分配器,其等效輻射功率(EIRP)較小,需要更多天線進行覆蓋,導致部署時間較長。而我們的光纖尺寸較小且方便佈線,無線接入單元(RAU)的強信號可以覆蓋較長距離,導致部署時間縮短了三分之二。

sDAS Specifications and Key Features


Head-End Unit

HEU is connected with BTS RF head and transport signal to RAUs via single fiber. The HEU can convert RF signal from any source like Macro/Pico/Small Cell/Repeater and distribute the signal to RAUs in different locations via optical fiber.

Remote Antenna Unit

RAU extends the RF signal through fiber. RAU can be installed hidden, mounted on walls or ceilings with build-in or external antenna. Each HEU can convert and distribute the RF signal to max. eight RAUs at a 3 miles distance.

Below are the key features of Wave-In’s Fiber sDAS.


Multi-Band & Multi-Operator

Flexible to select four desired combination of operators and frequency bands. S-DAS II supports 3G/4G/5G.

Multiple Signal Source

Supports various types of input signals from base transceiver station (BTS), macro and small cell, and repeater.


Single fiber MIMO support on both FDD and TDD model and reduced cost for maximal performance.

Star Topology

Hybrid topologies offers the most flexibility for installation under all circumstances.

One-Button Calibration

Rapid deployment with confidence in the field with the use of our auto calibration tool.

Fiber Optics

Optical fiber have longer transmission distance, can overcome signal loss and decrease installation time.

We Extend Wireless Communication To Where You Need


Wave-In’s sDAS is suitable in various environments, particularly in sites where installations are difficult. Examples include high-rise buildings, department stores, factories, hospital operation rooms, elevators, basements and parking lots.