Facilitating 5G AIoT Ecosystem

With a dedicated team for AIoT and Mixed Reality smart applications, Wave-In is driven to help our clients to leverage all of the current and future benefits of 5G private network.


憑藉著我們專注於 AIoT 和 XR 智慧應用的團隊,我們致力於協助客戶充分利用當前和未來由 5G 專網帶來的所有益處。

E2E Ecosystem 端對端產業生態系

Wave-In AIoT & XR

With 5G private network providing the foundation for true connected experiences, and industries demanding effortless data access and tools anytime, anywhere, Wave-In is driving new innovations in internet of things and extended reality.

Business-Critical Applications

AIoT for Digital Upgrade

Connecting to various IoT devices and collate large volume of data for analyses and insights, with our IoT module and platform, driving enterprise digital transformation.

AIoT Cloud Transformation

Providing staffs in manufacturing, public transport, healthcare and more with access to centralized data, ensuring access to critical applications for operations.

Extended Reality

Developing our own digital content and software for XR technologies (MR/AR/VR), truly offering real-time AIoT capabilities on the move and remotely.

Build True Connected Experiences with Wave-In


Wave-In’s AIoT and XR integrated solution is perfect for enterprises seeking digital transformation, including IoT data collection & monitoring, real-time visualization with mixed reality or other business-critical applications.

我們的 AIoT 和 XR 整合解決方案非常適合尋求數位轉型的企業,包括 IoT 數據之收集與監控,以及混合現實等即時視覺化或其他關鍵業務之應用。