B5G End-To-End System Integration

In your B5G (Private 5G+Satellite Communication) network’s upgrading journey, Wave-In offers end-to-end solutions and provides firsthand advice about system integration to make your 5G private network implementation as smooth as possible.


在您 B5G(意指 5G 專網 + 衛星通訊)的網路升級之旅中,我們能為您的系統提供端對端的解決方案,並就系統整合的層面提供超群的專業意見,以使您 5G 專網的使用過程越加順利。

Private Network 專網

B5G System Integration

Seizing the opportunity of 5G private network and IoT, Wave-In system integrated global leading solution providers like Microsoft Affirmed, ASOCS, and Mavenir products, with our in-house developed software and hardware, creating a complete ecosystem with beneficial impacts for various industries.

Why Choose A System Integrator For Your 5G Private Network?

為什麼要選擇系統整合商來建立您的 5G 專網?

According to Nokia’s 5G Enterprise Market research, more than one-third cited a system integrator as their preferred partner for 5G planning. Compared to CSPs, we offer low cost, high flexibility, and insights and expertise to the industry’s needs and challenge.

根據 Nokia 的 5G 企業市場研究,超過三分之一的受訪者將系統整合商視為他們在 5G 規劃方面的首選合作夥伴。與通信服務提供商(CSPs)相比,我們提供更低成本、更高靈活性,以及對行業需求和挑戰的深刻洞察和專業知識。

5G private network is a critical component for digital transformation within various industries. It is particularly important for applications the combines CT, OT and IT services, such as industrial automation, smart factories, public transports and more.

5G 專網是各個產業進行數位轉型的重要組成部分。尤其對於結合通訊技術(CT)、運營技術(OT)和資訊技術(IT)服務的應用而言,它顯得格外重要,例如工業自動化、智慧工廠、公共運輸等。

Enterprises can customize the network how they want, have full control over their operation and maintenance, significantly reducing dependency on service providers. 


Enterprise specific security policies can now be controlled within the organization rather than relying on outside providers, allowing companies, which is beneficial for companies dealing with sensitive data or information.


5G Private Network deployed by system integrators comes with the same 5G benefits: massive connectivity, high speed and low latency, but with a lighter cost.

由系統整合商部署的 5G 專網亦擁有相同的 5G 優勢:龐大的連接性、高速和低延遲,而以較低的成本進行部署。

Below is a flowchart of Wave-In’s solution, delivering a complete end-to-end 5G AIoT Ecosystem.

以下是伸波通訊解決方案的流程圖,提供完整的端對端 5G AIoT 產業生態系。

Find Out How Your Company Can Utilize 5G Infrastructure


We are continuously developing our domain know-how of vertical fields, aspiring to bring other tangible benefits for the manufacturing industry, healthcare, transportation, agri-tech and more, showcasing to our clients that the 5G network is more than just a consumer-focused mobile broadband.

我們不斷發展各垂直領域的專業知識,致力於為製造業、醫療保健、運輸、農業科技等領域帶來更多實質性的好處,向我們的客戶展示,5G 專網不僅僅是針對消費者的移動式寬頻,還有更多的應用價值。